14 June, 2024

Enhancing Consumer Insights: Affectiva Media Analytics with Emotion AI and Facial Coding

Affectiva, a startup that spun out of MIT Media Lab, specializes in Emotion AI to analyze consumer emotional responses to brand and entertainment content, such as ads and movies. Since its inception, the business has analyzed over 14 million audience videos.

A scalable solution used by the world’s largest advertisers, Affectiva Media Analytics serves a wide range of customers, including the largest global advertisers and Fortune Global 500 companies, to enhance campaign strategies and product innovations.

New attention metric launch and other key events in 2023 

In 2023, Affectiva launched a new attention metric, blending Emotion AI with Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology to offer in-the-moment attention data in media contexts. Launched at the ESOMAR conference in October, the new measure is already an integral part of clients’ ad testing products, including leading research players such as Kantar. The business unit also embarked on a number of novel research projects, including a study into consumer reaction to Generative AI-created content. 

Looking ahead, Affectiva plans to further refine its Emotion AI algorithms and delve deeper into attention analysis. Leveraging Smart Eye’s automotive safety grade gaze tracking, the team is set to generate more insights into audience engagement with video content in media and advertising research. 

Case Study: Shaping the Future of Entertainment Marketing with MarketCast 

MarketCast is a data and technology-driven research and insights company. The company’s expertise spans across various entertainment sectors, from movies and sports to video games, with a focus on engaging and retaining audience attention. 

In their iterative testing, MarketCast uses Affectiva’s Emotion AI to understand and predict viewer responses. With over 30 emotions and facial expression metrics, the technology measures both audience reactions and character emotions within content. 

This deep insight into unfiltered viewer emotional responses gives creative teams and marketers the power to identify key emotional moments in trailers and marketing materials, ultimately helping them optimize content by geography, category, and media length. 

In a recent project for a major action movie franchise, MarketCast worked with Affectiva to measure emotional responses via entertainment content testing. The data from Affectiva, particularly around surprise and engagement, played an important role in fine-tuning the campaign, and ensuring it resonated with both new and loyal fans of the movie franchise. 

“Affectiva’s integration into MarketCast’s research methodology is seamless and robust,” says Kate Monninger, VP of Campaign Analytics at Marketcast. “Working with Affectiva means having access to a team that lives and breathes this technology. It’s about more than just software; it’s about partnership and innovation.”


Interested in Emotion AI? Download Affectiva’s eBook on Generative AI Meets Emotion AI: AI Disruption in Advertising here, or contact us today to schedule a demo!

Written by Ashley McManus
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