11 July, 2024

From Idea to Reality: Eye Tracking Success with Smart Eye

Are you considering investing in eye tracking technology for your research or business needs? In this installment of our series, we’ll explore how Smart Eye begins its journey with prospective customers, guiding them from initial ideas to tangible proof of concept.

Understanding the Early Stages: From Idea to Data

Emil Rolander, our Customer Success Manager, gives us a glimpse into how Smart Eye engages with potential customers right from the start. Often, the journey begins with a simple idea–a question or a problem that needs solving. It could be anything, from optimizing HMI displays in cars to understanding user behavior in a retail environment.

Smart Eye recognizes the importance of understanding these ideas in terms of data. Our eye tracking systems provide a wealth of information – from head rotation to gaze vectors – enabling us to tailor solutions to meet specific needs.

Deploying Proof of Concept: Turning Ideas into Reality

One of the critical phases in the customer journey is the deployment of a proof of concept. Emil emphasizes the significance of this phase, especially in complex environments. Smart Eye’s team travels to the customer’s location to deploy a system on-site, demonstrating how our technology works in their specific setting.

This phase is crucial not only for showcasing the capabilities of our systems but also for building trust with our customers. Seeing is believing, and our customers can witness firsthand how Smart Eye’s eye tracking solutions can address their unique challenges.

The Challenge of Demonstrating Value: Making Every Moment Count

Emil sheds light on the pressure faced by the technical team during these demonstrations. With limited time, often just a few hours, our team must quickly set up the system in various environments, whether it’s a car, a helicopter, or an airplane.

Despite the tight timelines, our goal remains the same: to prove that our technology works seamlessly in any environment and meets the customer’s expectations. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering value to our customers, no matter the challenge.

Taking the Next Step with Smart Eye

As you consider the possibilities of eye tracking technology for your research or business, remember that Smart Eye is here to guide you every step of the way. From idea to reality, we’re committed to helping you harness the power of eye tracking for your specific needs.


Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality with Smart Eye solutions? Contact us today to learn more and schedule a personalized demonstration tailored to your needs.

Written by Ashley McManus
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