Driver Support System

Improved road safety and fleet risk management

A complete driver support system with artificial intelligence, great flexibility, and superior performance. AIS uses Smart Eye’s proven Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software – the most used DMS in cars on the road today.

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AIS is Smart Eye’s complete hardware and software driver support system for small-volume vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket installation for vehicle fleets.

Using AI-based technology to detect driver distraction and drowsiness, AIS is a flexible and scalable in-cabin safety system designed to reduce road accidents – protecting fleets and getting drivers home safely.  

  • Uses Smart Eye’s proven Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software – the most used DMS in cars on the road today
  • Automotive grade, in-house developed hardware
  • Flexible and scalable – effortlessly installed in minutes
  • Fully compliant with Euro NCAP and GSR standards
  • Seamlessly integration with fleet management systems


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Developed for:



Passenger cars

/ “Based on our thorough evaluation, including extensive field testing, Smart Eye was the best choice for us.”

– Elias Chowdhury, Transport Safety Manager Region Europe North at Linde

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Fleet bus driver checking his phone while driving, about to be alerted by a driver monitoring system

AIS for Fleets

Responding to market demand, AIS combines Smart Eye’s world-leading DMS software with our purpose-built hardware for aftermarket implementation in fleets.

Distraction and fatigue are the two main causes of preventable fleet crashes. AIS accurately detects early signs distraction, drowsiness, and dangerous behavior – preventing crashes by alerting the driver.

Discover how AIS can help you safeguard your fleet – preventing human injuries, reducing financial losses and improving overall safety.

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Woman in a personal car with a driver monitoring system

AIS for OEMs

For vehicle manufacturers, AIS provides an off-the-shelf, cost-effective solution for seamless original installation of driver support system technology.

With mandatory implementation on the horizon in many parts of the world, the pressure is mounting on OEMs to adopt these systems quickly. Car, truck, and bus manufacturers producing vehicles in small volumes require accessible fatigue and distraction detection that is both cost-effective and readily deployable.

AIS offers GSR and Euro NCAP compliant technology without the need for extensive resources, including the software and hardware architecture to host a driver support system. Instead, the comprehensive solution enables OEMs to swiftly integrate state-of-the-art technology into their vehicle models, without compromising on safety or quality.

Intelligent features pave the way for safer driving

Our AI-powered software detects early signs of drowsiness or distraction. Helping protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other road-users. With superior performance and intelligent features, AIS is developed to make every trip a safer journey.


Alerts when sleepiness, drowsiness or yawning is detected.


Makes sure that focus stays on the road with gaze tracking.

Dangerous behavior

Detects distractions like eating, drinking, smoking or mobile phone use.

High-accuracy recognition

Recognizes all kinds of faces, including those wearing a face mask or sunglasses.

Up and running in 5 minutes

AIS is a complete plug-and-play system, making it easy to install and very cost-effective. It is ideal for aftermarket installation in the cabin of existing trucks, buses, and cars, and for deployment in new vehicles being produced in small volumes.

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