18 August, 2023

7 Factors that Distinguish Smart Eye’s AIS from Other Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Smart Eye's AIS Driver Monitoring System installed in a fleet vehicle

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) have become a safety essential for any vehicle, and there are many great solutions on the market responding to an ever-increasing demand. Fleet operators and small-volume car manufacturers looking to integrate DMS into their vehicles now have an abundance of technologies to choose from, sometimes making it difficult to decide which system is right for them.  

By combining the world’s best DMS software with our own automotive-qualified hardware, Smart Eye is setting a new standard for fleet driver monitoring with AIS. Through AIS, Smart Eye’s AI-powered DMS software has been made available to all vehicles, providing a breakthrough hardware and software solution for fleet operators and car manufacturers producing smaller volumes.  

Let’s dissect some of the distinguishing features that set AIS apart from conventional systems: 

How does AIS Compare to Other Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)?

1. AIS Makes Smart Eye’s World Leading DMS Accessible for All Vehicles

Smart Eye has developed the world’s leading DMS software – already chosen by 19 car manufacturers for 217 vehicles and implemented in more than 1 million vehicles on roads around the world today. AIS uses the same AI-based algorithms, made to satisfy the high quality demands of automotive OEMs and building on over two decades of industry experience to deliver a product that promises precision and reliability. Year in and year out. 

2. Automotive Compliant, Swedish-Developed Hardware

AIS unites our leading software with automotive-qualified hardware – developed in-house to work perfectly with our AI algorithms. The system is designed in Sweden, where a long tradition of innovation and commitment to automotive safety has influenced everything from the stellar quality to the minimalist design of the system.  

3. Technology that Adheres to Euro NCAP and GSR Standards

AIS is compliant with the EU’s new General Safety Regulation (GSR) and the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) rating requirements, future-proofing vehicles for years to come. To learn more about these regulations, take a closer look at our blog series on the GSR and our eBook on Euro NCAP.  

4. Self-Calibration Enables Fast and Easy Installation

Unlike other highly accurate solutions on the market, AIS is designed for easy use and smooth installation – making advanced DMS more accessible than ever before. Thanks to its intelligent dynamic self-calibration method, the system can easily be up and running in just a few minutes. Once the system is installed in your vehicle, it automatically calibrates the camera, requiring no effort from the user. This fast and automatic self-calibration allows the system to be installed in different vehicle types and adjusted based on different driving positions, and still be ready to use almost instantly.     

The Smart Eye AIS app displaying distraction sensitivity levels

 5. The AIS app – Support and Customization in Your Pocket

To give fleet operators and drivers the best user experience possible, Smart Eye has developed the AIS app – easily connected to the AIS system via Bluetooth. The app supports installation, giving you instant feedback on the placement of the camera in your vehicle, as well as firmware updates. It also lets you customize system settings such as language, warning sensitivity levels, volume, and warning activation speed for detecting distraction, drowsiness, microsleep and driver presence.  

 6. An Ideal Solution for Small-Volume Vehicle Production

Car manufacturers looking to integrate DMS into smaller-volume vehicles need a cost-effective and flexible solution. AIS is an off-the-shelf system that doesn’t require the vast resources or extensive hardware and software architecture usually needed to host such an advanced DMS. Instead, AIS enables OEMs to swiftly integrate legislation compliant technology into new vehicle models. 

7. Mindful of Data Privacy Concerns

All images captured by the AIS camera are processed on a System on Chip (SoC) on the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in real time. In contrast to other fleet driver monitoring systems that typically record and store driver videos and data, AIS never stores this data in the cloud or on the system – improving driver performance and safety without ever compromising on privacy.   


AIS: A Unique Combination of Advanced Technology and Flexible Implementation  

For fleet operators and car manufacturers producing smaller volumes, a high-quality DMS is more than just a safety measure. It also futureproofs vehicles by improving regulatory alignment, operational efficiency, and driver performance. A system like AIS lets fleets and car manufacturers reap all the benefits of a state-of-the-art DMS without having to put extensive resources, whether money or working hours, towards its implementation ­­– making it a cost-effective solution in more ways than one.   

AIS proves that it’s possible to combine highly advanced technology and unparalleled accuracy with the flexibility of a simpler off-the-shelf system. The result is enhanced road safety with zero compromise, extending access to the world’s best DMS to more vehicles without making you sacrifice valuable time, budget, or privacy in return. 


Learn more about AIS or contact us today to request a demo of the system. 


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Written by Fanny Lyrheden
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