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Smart Eye is the global leader in Driver Monitoring System and Interior Sensing solutions. Paving the way for a world with safe, sustainable transportation and human-centric mobility experiences.

Integrate the future in today's cars

With over 20 years of experience, Smart Eye is the preferred partner in the automotive industry. Today, our road-ready Driver Monitoring Systems are embedded in 322 production car models by 21 of the world’s leading OEMs, currently powering more than 1,000,000 cars on the roads worldwide. Our next-level Interior Sensing solutions enhance mobility experiences through new wellness, comfort, and entertainment features. For fleet and aftermarket, we provide complete hardware and software solutions for a safer journey today. Our automotive research enables deeper insights into human behavior and human-machine interaction inside tomorrow’s vehicles.

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As the leading developer of Driver Monitoring System software, Smart Eye's technology is embedded in many of the cars we see on the roads today. Our solutions are based on machine learning and massive amounts of real-world automotive data – for unparalleled accuracy and performance.
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Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

By studying a person’s eye, face, head and body movements, and the objects they use, Smart Eye’s interior vehicle algorithms can draw conclusions about a person’s alertness, attention, focus and much more. This is the foundation of our robust, reliable, and road-tested Driver Monitoring Systems that work with flexible camera placement and can be easily integrated in any car, regardless of platform.

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Automotive Interior Sensing

Automotive Interior Sensing

Smart Eye Automotive Interior Sensing combines driver monitoring and cabin monitoring for a complete, human-centric view of what’s happening inside any vehicle. Increasing road safety while enhancing the mobility experience through wellness, comfort, and entertainment.

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A complete view

Real-time analysis of behavior, state and position of all passengers, pets, and objects inside the cabin.

Essential safety features

From detecting driver distraction and fatigue, to ensuring no child or pet is left behind in the car.

Next-level mobility experiences

Personalized wellness, comfort, and entertainment features on the go.

DMS for Fleets and Small-Volume OEMs

Fleet Driver Support System

At any given time, there are millions of trucks and buses on the world’s roads. That’s why we’ve made our proven, automotive-grade DMS software available as a plug-and-play solution. Through AIS, an easy to install, end-to-end driver support system for vehicle fleets and small-volume OEMs, the vehicle is able to detect driver drowsiness, inattention, and much more. Increasing overall road safety for every installation.

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Passenger cars

Automotive Research

Automotive Research

What will the view from the driver’s seat of tomorrow look like? Through our automotive research systems, car manufacturers can get a deeper understanding of how human drivers interact with technology and the physical environment surrounding them. Enabling car manufacturers (OEMs) to test, revise and implement the dashboards, interiors, and interfaces of tomorrow.

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