12 September, 2022

Interior Sensing: The Next Frontier in Improving Road Safety and the Mobility Experience

Interior Sensing – also known as In-Cabin Sensing – will fundamentally transform automotive safety and in-vehicle experiences. It combines some of the most innovative automotive technologies, like Driver Monitoring, Occupant Monitoring and Cabin Monitoring.

Driven by regulation, legislation and ratings agencies such as Euro NCAP, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) have rapidly become must-have automotive technologies. The AI-based algorithms and sensors deployed by DMS can now be extended to give insight into what’s happening in a vehicle beyond just measuring the state of the driver.

In this definitive guide to Interior Sensing, we offer a complete deep dive into this emerging technology. Download the guide to learn about:

     ➤  The evolution of Driver Monitoring Systems into Interior Sensing

     ➤  How Interior Sensing will drastically improve road safety

     ➤  The role of Interior Sensing in enhancing and customizing mobility experience

     ➤  Key technologies behind Interior Sensing systems

     ➤  Future possibilites unlocked by Interior Sensing

     ➤  Interior Sensing use cases – from road safety to user experience

     ➤  How Interior Sensing responds to evolving lifestyles

E-BOOK: Interior Sensing – The Next Frontier in Improving Road Safety and the Mobility Experience  


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