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Decoding human emotion in marketing and media

Our Media & Marketing solutions decipher complex emotions and cognitive states by analyzing facial movement. Helping organizations understand how consumers engage with content, products and services.

Optimize content and media through Emotion AI

Human emotion is central to creating successful brands, customer experiences and creative content. Organizations need the same emotional intelligence that people have – they need to understand their audiences and customers without making them think about how they feel, or even realize how they feel.

Through Emotion AI technology, we are able to measure consenting customers’ unfiltered and unbiased emotional and cognitive responses to videos, ads, movies, TV shows and more – unobtrusively and at scale. This enables organizations to understand how their customers and viewers feel even when they can’t or won’t say so themselves. The unique insight gained can be applied to improve brand experiences and communications, enabling optimization and building more meaningful connection with customers.

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Affectiva Media Analytics

Affectiva Media Analytics

For over a decade, Affectiva’s Emotion AI have helped the world’s leading brands optimize content and media. Since acquiring Affectiva in June 2021, Smart Eye continues to scale and invest in the company’s market-leading Media Analytics software and its many applications.

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