Driver Monitoring System

Intelligent safety features detecting driver state and behavior

The world’s leading Driver Monitoring System software, selected by 21 OEMs for 322 car models. For safe, sustainable transportation and better mobility experiences.

In-car AI technology for integration in interior vehicle environments

Every 24 seconds a human life is lost in traffic. The majority of these accidents are caused by human error – drivers that are distracted or fatigued. Driven by regulation and legislation, car manufacturers are now deploying Driver Monitoring Systems that can detect driver impairment and enable appropriate interventions.

Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring Systems uses sensors, such as in-car cameras, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to bring insight into the driver’s state and behavior. A key technology for detecting driver distraction and drowsiness, our DMS software improves road safety, saving lives all over the world.

Powering more than 1,000,000 cars globally

Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring System software has been installed in more than 1,000,000 cars on roads globally – saving lives every day. Powering more vehicles on the road with these critical safety systems than any other vendor, Smart Eye has established itself as a definitive market leader.

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For customized mobility experiences

The new generation of DMS can identify all types of people and objects, enabling greater customization of the car’s interior systems and features. From seats that automatically adjust to a registered user to gaze-activated windshield wipers, to infotainment systems that can sense the driver’s mood and emotions.

For over two decades, Smart Eye has been at the leading edge of this development by delivering DMS technology to the automotive industry. Our AI-powered, multimodal software is at the heart of Driver Monitoring Systems in today’s cars – for safer and better mobility experiences.

The safety features of tomorrow

Smart Eye’s AI-based DMS technology enables a wide variety of features for improved road safety and driver convenience. Powered by Affectiva’s Emotion AI to capture nuanced emotions, reactions, and facial expressions in real time.

Driver identification

Identifies the driver to adjust the features of the car and secure that the vehicle is driven by certified drivers.

Distraction, drowsiness and attention

Tracks the driver’s eye, head, and face movements to detect distraction and identify even the earliest signs of fatigue – making sure that focus stays on the road ahead.

Dangerous behavior

Detects behavior that can be distracting, like eating, drinking, smoking or mobile phone use.

Object detection

Identifies objects present in the vehicle and how the driver is interacting with them.

Activity detection

Detects the activities the driver is engaged in – including whether they are focused on driving or not.

Body posture

Tracks how the driver is sitting, moving, or interacting with objects or interfaces of the vehicle.

Facial expression analysis

Affectiva’s Emotion AI analyzes the driver’s facial expressions to help the car understand their mood, emotions, and behaviors.

Health status

Helps identify the driver's health status by analyzing the their body posture and eye, head, and face movements.

One size doesn’t fit all

When developing automotive safety systems, there is no room for error or compromise. That’s why we make sure to develop our ASIL quality software in close collaboration with the automotive industry, according to automotive SPICE processes.

Our DMS software is flexible and hardware-agnostic – allowing for application in any system, in any vehicle. This enables us to offer the best performance on the smallest CPU footprint on the market, while enabling smooth adaption to the varying needs of our customers.


The new regulatory landscape

In the last decade, driver monitoring systems have gone from an exclusive technology only found in premium cars, to an essential safety feature for detecting driver distraction and drowsiness. All over the world, legislators and influential organizations are recognizing the importance of driver monitoring systems for increasing road safety.

The US, the EU and China are all in different stages of implementing regulations that require the use of driver monitoring systems for preventing driver distraction and drowsiness. These initiatives have added even greater urgency to the installation of DMS in all new passenger vehicles put on the road.

How Euro NCAP will make DMS the New Safety Standard

Thanks to Euro NCAP, Driver Monitoring will practically be a requirement for any new car model launched on the European market by 2023.

But what exactly is Euro NCAP? How will their next assessment protocol affect the construction of practically every new car model put on our roads? And – what does it take for a car model to receive a sought-after five-star rating? Get the answers in our e-Book.

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The team behind the technology

Smart Eye is leading the way for multimodal, AI-based technology for interior vehicle environments. Trusted by 21 of the world’s largest car manufacturers, including BMW, Geely and Polestar, we are the number one provider of Driver Monitoring and Interior Sensing system software to the automotive industry.

Our automotive solutions are powered by Smart Eye company Affectiva, contributing their pioneering Emotion AI and deep expertise in machine learning and data acquisition. In Sweden, the US, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, Japan and China, our rapidly growing team keep exploring new ways of enhancing and elevating an already ground-breaking technology.

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Extend the intelligence to the entire cabin

By combining Driver Monitoring with Cabin Monitoring, we expand the intelligence to the entire car interior and the people in it. This emerging technology is known as
Interior Sensing and is the next step towards improving safety for all road users while providing enhanced wellness, comfort, and entertainment in tomorrow’s vehicles.

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