Software and hardware for connecting humans and machines

Smart Eye offers a wide variety of products for understanding, supporting and predicting human behavior. From AI-based automotive systems to multimodal software and hardware for behavioral research, our technology helps unlock new insights in automotive, aviation, psychology, media & marketing and many more fields.

/ Automotive Products

Our Driver Monitoring and Interior Sensing AI can be integrated into any new or existing vehicle. Learn more about our automotive products for personals cars, commercial vehicles and fleets:

Driver Monitoring Software

Studying a person’s eye, face, head and body movements, Smart Eye’s driver monitoring algorithms can draw conclusions about a person’s alertness, attention, focus and much more. This is the foundation of our robust, reliable, and road-tested Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software, which is already saving lives in over 1,000,000 cars on the road.

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Automotive Interior Sensing AI

Smart Eye Automotive Interior Sensing AI combines driver monitoring and cabin monitoring for a complete, human-centric view of what’s happening inside any vehicle. Increasing road safety while enhancing the mobility experience through wellness, comfort, and entertainment.

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AIS – For Fleet and Aftermarket

Through AIS, an easy to install, end-to-end driver monitoring system for fleet and aftermarket, we’ve made our proven, automotive-grade DMS software available as a plug-and-play solution. Detecting driver drowsiness, distraction, and much more, AIS is increasing overall road safety for every installation.

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/ Behavioral Research Products

We have a large portfolio of multimodal software and hardware products to help researchers in academia and various industries reach new insights. These are the offerings of Smart Eye’s Research Instruments, Affectiva’s Media Analytics and iMotions:

Smart Eye Research Instruments

Smart Eye Pro is Smart Eye's most advanced remote eye tracker

Smart Eye Pro

As the world’s most advanced remote eye-tracking system, Smart Eye Pro features the best combined head box, field of view and gaze accuracy on the market. Now with smaller cameras for bigger insights.

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The AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.


The AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.

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Experience XO – a remote eye-tracking system combining the durability
of a true dual camera solution and the high performance of Smart Eye Pro software.

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Smart Eye's remote bar eye tracker Aurora


Aurora is our smallest remote eye tracker, designed to deliver big insights wherever you are. Making it easy to switch between projects, screens and situations.

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Smart Recorder

Complete your system with a recording device. Smart Recorder is a scene camera generating and recording video image of the subject’s view.

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Software & Analysis

With our analysis tools you can turn collected data into information. We offer a range of software, developed by us or our partners, that help you get the most of your data. The data can be output or ported to the platform of your choice.

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Affectiva Media Analytics

Image of woman watching video content using Affectiva's Emotion AI for Video Testing

Emotion AI for Video Testing

Affectiva’s core media analytics platform, and the basis of our advertising and entertainment content testing work. Optimized for seamless and automated analysis of viewer response to video creative.

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Virtual meeting on computer screen, using Affectiva's Emotion AI for qualitative research

Emotion AI for Qual

Affectiva’s cloud-based service used for analyzing images and videos of humans expressing emotion to support qualitative research. Send a video for processing and our detailed emotion metrics are delivered to you.

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Affectiva's Emotion SDK represented by an image of a woman with metrics overlay

Emotion SDK

Our software development kit enables developers to incorporate emotion sensing to their apps and digital experiences to get Affectiva’s Emotion AI metrics in real time.

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Image of iMotions behavioral research platform


iMotions is the world’s premier provider of human insights software. Across its desktop, online, and mobile applications, iMotions allow users to collect and analyze human behavior data through eye tracking, galvanic skin response, facial expression analysis, EEG, EMG, and ECG on one convenient platform. Backed by science, this multimodal software suite is the most comprehensive human insights tool currently available on the market.

Whether you are working within social science, carrying out observations, studying human factors, conducting usability testing or working in a simulation environment, iMotions is your answer when looking to capture the full human experience.

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