2 August, 2022

Eye Tracking Systems for Research Projects: Important Features and Capability Considerations Checklist

As we have shown in this eye tracking technology blog series, there are many important features and capabilities that you should consider before purchasing an eye tracking system for your research projects. 


This brief checklist will help you select the right eye tracking system for your upcoming projects:


Through our Research Instruments, Smart Eye offers the world’s most advanced eye tracking systems for analyzing human behavior. Offering unparalleled performance in complex environments, our carefully crafted instruments enable unparalleled insights into human behavior and human-machine interaction in automotive, aviation, assistive technology, media & marketing, behavioral science and many more fields. If you would like to see a demo of Smart Eye’s eye tracking solutions, please contact us today. 


Learn more in the full eBook: A Guide to Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions.

Written by Ashley McManus
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