Behavioral Research

Unparalleled insights into human behavior

The world’s leading technology for analyzing behavior and the impact of human factors. Providing insights in a wide variety of fields, making research, development and education progress towards a safer and better tomorrow.

The cutting edge of behavioral research

Smart Eye develops the world’s most advanced Human Insight AI for behavioral research in complex environments. Thanks to its unparalleled performance in complex situations, our technology offers deep insights into human behavior and human-machine interaction in automotive, aviation, assistive technology, behavioral science and many more fields. Supported by acquired companies Affectiva and iMotions, our multimodal software and hardware solutions provide unprecedented human insight.

Hundreds of companies, research organizations and universities all over the world use Smart Eye’s technology to reach new breakthroughs within behavioral research. Today, our technology is powering innovation at NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Volvo, Daimler, Audi, GM, Harvard University and many more, including 28% of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 70% of the world’s largest advertisers.

Automotive Research

Automotive Research

What will the view from the driver’s seat of tomorrow look like? Through our automotive research systems, car manufacturers can get a deeper understanding of how human drivers interact with technology and the physical environment surrounding them. Enabling car manufacturers (OEMs) to test, revise and implement the dashboards, interiors, and interfaces of tomorrow.

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Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace

Our high-fidelity eye tracking systems takes aviation and aerospace safety to new heights. By tracking their head movements and gaze, our technology improves the training and enhances the skills of pilots while providing invaluable insight into the human factors consideration in cockpit and instrument cluster design. Helping catch mistakes before they turn into accidents, we are turning the sky into the safest place to be.

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Media & Marketing

Media & Marketing

Optimize content and media spend by measuring consumer emotional responses to videos, ads, movies and TV shows – unobtrusively and at scale. Using Affectiva’s Emotion AI, we help companies gain a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with their content, products, and services, in automotive, media & entertainment, market research and beyond. Used by 70% of the world’s largest advertisers and 28% of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

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Psychology & Neuroscience

Psychology & Neuroscience

Our technology helps researchers gain valuable insight into the human mind and body. In psychology and neuroscience, eye tracking helps identify a wide range of diseases and neurological conditions, improving researchers’ understanding on people’s thoughts, feelings and intentions.

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Much of human behavior is guided by nonconscious processes. iMotions’ integrated analysis platform simplifies the complexity of behavioral research. By seamlessly integrating and synchronizing multiple different biometric sensors, iMotions’ software gives researchers access to emotional, cognitive and behavioral data in a synthesized way to tap into real-time human experiences.

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Product integration

Product Integration

When integrated into other products and systems, Smart Eye’s Human Insight AI helps bridge the gap between humans and machines. From flight and car simulators to assistive devices, our software powers new insights and simplifies everything from human-machine interaction to human connection.

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Our products

Smart Eye Pro is Smart Eye's most advanced remote eye tracker

Smart Eye Pro

As the world’s most advanced remote eye-tracking system, Smart Eye Pro features the best combined head box, field of view and gaze accuracy on the market. Now with smaller cameras for bigger insights.

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The AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.


The AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.

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Experience XO – a remote eye-tracking system combining the durability
of a true dual camera solution and the high performance of Smart Eye Pro software.

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Smart Eye's remote bar eye tracker Aurora


Aurora is our smallest remote eye tracker, designed to deliver big insights wherever you are. Making it easy to switch between projects, screens and situations.

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Smart Recorder

Complete your system with a recording device. Smart Recorder is a scene camera generating and recording video image of the subject’s view.

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Software & Analysis

With our analysis tools you can turn collected data into information. We offer a range of software, developed by us or our partners, that help you get the most of your data. The data can be output or ported to the platform of your choice.

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