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The AI-X is the next generation of Smart Eye’s range of compact and high-performance eye trackers, designed for screen-based (screens up to 24”) eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.

Our experience within the automotive industry has taught us all about the importance of having high performing solutions in a cost-effective way. We have taken this knowledge and our 20 years of experience within eye tracking and put it into the development of the AI-X, making it a high performing eye tracker, perfectly suitable for large studies with many subjects.

With AI-X’s small footprint it is very easy to move your studies and research out of the lab and turn it to a portable lab. Simply attach the AI-X to your laptop and take your study to where the participants are. AI-X’s design makes it easy to switch between different projects, screens, and situations.

Inside, one state of the art high-definition sensor captures your test participants brilliantly, regardless of light conditions. This eye tracker is available with 60 Hz frame rate.


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The AI-X is the perfect eye tracker when you’re looking for a simple solution but don’t want to compromise on the accuracy. The AI-X eye tracker can be used for all kinds of research but is recommended for marketing, media research, UX, and psychology studies.

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