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Integrate the world’s leading Human Insight AI into your product

Our robust eye tracking algorithms acts as a catalyst for connecting people and technology. Giving devices and systems the ability to understand, simplify and predict human intentions and actions.

Embedded Human Insight AI

Smart Eye was founded on the belief that technology can be used to bridge the gap between humans and machines. By integrating our Human Insight AI into other products or systems, we help machines understand the wants and needs of the person interacting with them. Our software can be adjusted to fit your products perfectly – delivering reliable data in any setting, at any time.

Customer case

Breaking barriers through technology

Using technology to facilitate and improve people’s daily life is part of our DNA. Through algorithms for eye, face and head tracking that respond to human behavior in any situation, we help researchers and assistive technology providers towards new opportunities for how people interact with devices.

When integrated in assistive technology products, our software helps remove barriers to expression and movement. By letting users control devices or produce speech through their eye movements, our AI-based technology offers more freedom through access, expression and communication.

Lumin-i: Powered by Smart Eye

In collaboration with Smartbox Assistive Technology, Smart Eye has developed Lumin-i: an eye tracking based communication aid that gives a voice to AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) users with complex and limited mobility.

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