Smart Eye is the global leader in Human Insight AI, technology that understands, supports and predicts human behavior in complex environments.

Our vision began as a dream that awoke our curiosity

One Sunday morning, shortly before the new millennium, Mats Krantz called his son Martin to discuss a dream he had just woken up from. This dream became the inspiration for Smart Eye, and a technology that has continued to break new ground for the last 25 years.

Our story

The Smart Eye Group

Along with acquired companies Affectiva and iMotions, Smart Eye represents an unstoppable force in Human Insight AI. With a shared passion for humanizing technology and an extensive experience developing technologies that yield unique human insights, we are revolutionizing our field – one industry at a time.


Affectiva is pioneering Emotion AI, helping companies gain a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with their content, products and services, in automotive, media & entertainment, market research and beyond.

About Affectiva


iMotions has successfully developed the world’s leading human behavior software solution, synchronizing data streams from 50+ sensors, including eye tracking, facial expressions, sweat gland activity, brain activity and more – in real time.

About iMotions

Business units


In automotive, our technology is embedded in next-generation vehicles, leading the way towards safer and human-centric mobility. We offer road-ready Driver Monitoring Systems and advanced Interior Sensing solutions.

Our technology is built on two decades of automotive experience and proven by over 300 design wins from the world’s leading car manufacturers, including BMW, Geely and Polestar. We also provide complete hardware and software solutions for fleet and aftermarket, powering vehicles on the road today.

Sells and delivers Smart Eye’s industry-leading embedded Driver Monitoring & Interior Sensing solutions to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for newly-produced vehicles.

Produces & sells a complete aftermarket hardware and software Driver Monitoring System that can be easily deployed within existing vehicle cabins or small volume OEMs.

Behavioral Research

Our high-fidelity eye tracking systems and iMotions biosensor software enable advanced research and training in academic and commercial sectors. Affectiva’s Emotion AI provides the world’s largest brands and market researchers with a deeper understanding of how consumers engage with their content, products, and services.

Delivers the best eye tracking solutions for advanced research and training applications, in both the academic and commercial sectors, including automotive, aviation, assistive technologies and behavioral science.

Develops the market leading cloud-based Emotion AI offering designed for advertising, television/movie and user experience testing, leveraging Affectiva’s decade-long leadership in this area.

Provides the premier multimodal human behavioral research platform that fuses data from a large variety of sensors for unprecedented analytics for the academic and commercial sectors.


Smart Eye is a ISO9001 certified company, and we are committed to quality. Our global organization is driven by our quality policy:

/ To continuously improve our capability to bridge the gap between humans and machines for a safe and sustainable future.

People of Smart Eye

Leaders of Smart Eye

Martin Krantz

Founder, CEO

Martin founded Smart Eye together with his father in 1999. He is graduate of Chalmers University of Technology with a Master of Science in Engineering Physics and has been Smart Eye’s CEO since day one. 

Apart from leading Smart Eye, Martin is a member of the board for 1928 Diagnostics and has a history of competing in power lifting. 

Mats Benjaminsson

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Mats Benjaminsson first became Smart Eye’s Interim CFO in 2022, before assuming the position permanently in 2023.

He has over 30 years of financial experience, holding key positions at companies such as Telia, and in consulting roles at Ericsson, Getinge AB, and BNP Paribas Cardif. Mats has a degree in Accounting, Finance & Information Technology from Jönköping University. He is also an seasoned sailor, planning to one day cross the Atlantic by boat.

Smart Eye Peter Hartzbech

Peter Hartzbech

CEO & Founder iMotions

Peter is the founder and CEO of iMotions, fully-integrated, hardware-agnostic software platform that allows researchers to use the power of any neuroscience technology, as well as traditional surveys and focus groups, to gain unparalleled insight into what people actually think and feel. Besides helping researchers analyze eye movements and heartbeats, Peter is known for keeping another type of beat – on the drums.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the MIT Sloan School of Business.

Henrik Lind

Chief Research Officer

Chief Research Officer Henrik Lind joined Smart Eye in 2017, after previously being employed as a Technical Expert in Remote Sensing at Volvo Car Corporation.

Henrik is an alumnus of Chalmers University of Technology, where he graduated with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Martin Rydberg

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer Martin Rydberg has been with Smart Eye since 2000, joining shortly after our launch.

Martin has a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and is close to unbeatable at Trivial Pursuit.

Solmaz Shahmehr

Executive VP Automotive & Applied AI

Solmaz Shahmehr is Executive Vice President for Automotive and Applied AI, and has been with Smart Eye since 2009.

She holds a Master of Science degrees in Software Engineering & Technology from Chalmers University of Technology. She loves to swim and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see her jumping into the ocean at the more unconventional times of the year.

Smart Eye Detlef Wilke

Detlef Wilke

Vice President Innovations & Strategic Partnerships

At Smart Eye Detlef leads the company’s innovations & strategic partnerships.

For over 25 years Detlef has held multiple roles that have built on his deep expertise in automotive technology. Prior to joining Smart Eye, he was at Aptiv and Delphi, focused on Interior Sensing applications since 2014. As Chairman of the CLEPA Mirror Group for Euro NCAP Occupant Status Monitoring, Detlef was deeply involved in the NCAP and legislative strategies.

He has an Electrical Engineering degree and is a trained pilot that can fly planes with up to 6 passengers.

Julia Wadman

Chief Human Resources Officer

A seasoned Human Resources professional, Julia has headed Smart Eye’s People & Culture since 2017 and is responsible for the company’s HR strategy.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) from the University of Gothenburg, and has over 20 years of experience in human resources management within various industries.

As a former beekeeper, Julia is no stranger to managing large groups of individuals. These days however, her main focus is on humans.

Magnus Brunzell


Magnus has almost 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and has held a variety of technical, operational and business roles.

He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and is a passionate doglover with two springer spaniels that he trains in his free time.

Smart Eye Graham Page

Graham Page

Global Managing Director, Affectiva Media Analytics

Graham Page studied experimental psychology at Oxford, and pioneered the integration of biometric and behavioral measures to mainstream brand and advertising research for 26 years as Executive VP and Head of Global Research Solutions at Kantar.

Graham leads our Media Analytics business unit as Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Smart Eye.

Smart Eye jay Turcot

Jay Turcot

VP of AI

Jay is Smart Eye’s VP of AI and leads our team of machine learning researchers, focused on expanding emotion to cabin monitoring (or pre-production).

He has a graduate degree from the University of British Columbia, has been working in computer vision & AI research since 2007 and is an avid freestyle windsurfer.

Smart Eye Tim Peacock

Tim Peacock

General Manager USA & VP of Data Management

Tim is Smart Eye’s General Manager in the US and VP of Data Management. He built Affectiva’s engineering team from the ground up and led the team to create the world’s first Emotion AI platform, turning MIT research into products used by Fortune 100 companies.

He is a proud MIT alum who had his first job after graduation at the company that created Ms. Pacman, along with other less successful video games.

Smart Eye Manal Ramsis

Manal Ramsis

General Manager, Smart Eye Egypt

Manal is the manager for our Egyptian office, she is a bad ass project manager and has been with the company since 2019.

She has a bachelor degree of Science with a major in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo and an MBA from Edinburgh University partnering with AUC.

Clients & Partnerships

/ The leading interface between human and artificial intelligence.

Our technology is a vital component for a framework connecting humans and machines in automotive, aviation, neuroscience, behavioral research, media analytics and many other fields. Enabling future innovations that will save and improve the quality of human lives everywhere.

This is how we do it

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