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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Boston, Singapore and Berlin, iMotions has successfully developed the world’s leading human behavior software solution. The software combines data from +50 sensors – eye tracking, facial expressions, sweat gland activity, brain activity and more – in one easy-to-use software that uniquely and in real-time tracks, aggregates and analyses nonconscious emotional, cognitive and behavioral data providing research teams a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of human behaviors.

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More than 1,300 organizations around the world – from leading academic institutions to global brands to highly respected healthcare organizations – use iMotions. Customers include worldwide top tier universities, corporations, agencies, government, and military customer segments. iMotions successfully developed the multimodal research market from the eye tracking research market and is today a global SaaS company and leader in the early-stage niche market for multimodal software for human behavior research as well as a knowledge intensive organization with in-depth neuroscience expertise as part of the global organization.

Becoming a Smart Eye company

On October 26, 2021, it was announced that Smart Eye, the global leader in Human Insight AI was to acquire iMotions, the leading provider of human behavior software. iMotions is part of the Smart Eye Group but continues to operate as an independently run, standalone company.

By joining forces with iMotions, Smart Eye and subsidiary Affectiva create a true, integrated powerhouse in delivering unparalleled insights into human behavior in automotive, research and beyond. iMotions adds the software layer that enables fusion of multiple sensor data and the required analytics – taking the next vital step towards unlocking the potential for multimodal human behavioral research.

By merging iMotions’ data fusion platform with Smart Eye’s and Affectiva’s sensing technologies, we are uniquely positioned to deliver automotive Interior Sensing AI that provides holistic insight into what’s happening with humans in a vehicle. Meanwhile, it enables us to accelerate growth of our Research Instruments and Media Analytics business areas.

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