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The world’s finest research instrument. Built to order.

As the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system, Smart Eye Pro features the best combined head box, field of view and gaze accuracy on the market. It is also the best horizontal/vertical remote tracker on the market today.

A true multi-camera system, Smart Eye Pro is scalable from 2 up to 8 cameras allowing 360-degree head and eye tracking. Free and wide placement of cameras both horizontally and vertically makes it ideal for a large number of environments, setups and situations.

This versatility, combined with stellar performance in all conditions, is why Smart Eye Pro is the preferred research partner for car and flight simulators, vehicle studies, multi-screen or control room environments, long-range tracking, mobiles, tablets and single screens around the world.

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A small step towards giant leaps in research

The new Smart Eye Pro dx cameras have a more compact size, smaller footprint, and are lighter weight. These features grant the new cameras access to even more locations while being less intrusive to your research process!

Using the camera’s expanded field of view and larger head box, you will gain the following features:

  • Exceptional robustness and data availability
  • Features the smallest form factor and fits anywhere
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Larger headbox ensures the best in the industry data availability
  • Reduced setup and configuration time by letting the camera determine the correct exposure (new autoexposure feature)


Technical specifications

  • Icon representing remote eye tracking
    Remote eye tracking
  • Works in any lighting condition
  • Realtime analysis
  • 360° head and eye tracking
  • Large headbox
  • Large visual field
  • Works with glasses and sun glasses of non IR type
  • Dimensions: 120 x 40 x 40 mm
  • Operating System: Windows 10

/ “It was clear that no other remote eye tracking system was as accurate and as easy to use as the Smart Eye Pro system.”

– Yannick Brand, Researcher of the Institute of Flight Systems

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