13 September, 2022

Smart Eye’s Automotive Driver Monitoring Technology Has Been Installed in more than 1,000,000 Cars on Roads Globally

The global leader in Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software passes important milestone as its technology is installed in more than one million cars on global roads – saving lives every day.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden and BOSTON, Mass. — September 13, 2022 — Smart Eye, the leading developer of AI-based Driver Monitoring to the automotive industry, today announced that more than one million cars with its Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software have been produced and sold globally. Out of the company’s 14 automotive OEM customers, six have so far started series production of car models including Smart Eye’s innovative technology. Of these 14 OEMs, five are among the six largest car manufacturing groups in the world. Powering more vehicles on the road with these critical safety systems than any other vendor in this space, Smart Eye has established itself as a definitive market leader.

A majority of the 1,000,000+ cars produced with Smart Eye’s DMS software are manufactured by BMW, with series production initiated in late 2018. These car models all include Driver Monitoring as an optional add-on. The other car models in production are produced by leading global manufacturers, including one of US largest automakers, two of China’s largest automakers, a Japanese-European multinational car alliance and a South Korean multination automobile manufacturer. Smart Eye’s DMS will also be included in the new Polestar 3, the Swedish brand’s electric performance SUV that will be revealed in October.

Driven by legislation, regulation and safety rating requirements, Driver Monitoring Systems have become essential safety technology in cars in the last few years. As DMS becomes mandatory in newly produced vehicles, the number of cars on the roads with Smart Eye’s software will increase even more drastically in the upcoming quarters.

“For the past 20 years we have worked towards this important milestone, but I see this as only the beginning. In most of these first million cars, DMS has been an optional feature. Thanks to regulation and safety requirements, almost all the remaining car models we have won will have mandatory DMS in every single vehicle. To put things in perspective: if all 94 car models we have won so far were to reach peak production at the same time, we could be looking at a yearly volume of as much as five million cars produced with our technology – every year,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye. “Already with this first million, we are making a real difference for road safety. As significantly more cars will include DMS, more lives will be saved every single day.”

On September 15, 2022, Smart Eye will be showcasing their leading automotive technology at the InCabin event in Brussels, Belgium.

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