17 October, 2023

How Smart Eye Can Help Bus and Truck Manufacturers Navigate Upcoming GSR Requirements

Every year, around 20,000 people are killed on European roads. In an ambitious move to enhance road safety, the European Union has rolled out the General Safety Regulation (GSR). By introducing new requirements for vehicle manufacturers, the GSR is steering them toward integrating advanced safety systems into their buses, trucks, and cars as soon as possible. As deadlines approach, many bus and truck manufacturers find themselves needing to move fast in an industry where adapting new technology is traditionally a multi-year process.

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Understanding the GSR Requirements

Central to the GSR is its emphasis on Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning (DDAW) systems – a mandate pushing the envelope on road safety by ensuring that drivers remain alert and attentive. The technology behind DDAW identifies early signs of fatigue, allowing for quick interventions that can prevent potential dangerous situations. Especially for bus and truck manufacturers, the timeframe for this integration is narrowing. By July 6, 2024, it will become mandatory for all new motor vehicles to be equipped with a compliant DDAW system.

The Challenge Ahead for Bus and Truck Manufacturers

As the GSR sets the bar high for road safety, many bus and truck manufacturers confront a stark reality. The platforms, or chassis, used in constructing new buses and trucks are often ordered years in advance, meaning that most vehicles in production have not been designed with GSR compliant safety technologies in mind. So, as the July 2024 deadline approaches, manufacturers need to find a way to quickly implement effective driver drowsiness detection in their vehicles – without completely draining their budget in the process.

AIS CV Alert: A Tailored Solution

Recognizing the dilemma many vehicle manufacturers currently face as a result of the GSR, Smart Eye has developed AIS CV Alert. AIS CV Alert is a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) tailored to offer immediate GSR compliance for bus and truck manufacturers. Using a camera paired with AI-based algorithms, it catchessubtle changes in a driver’s head movements, eye direction, and facial expressions, identifying early markers of fatigue. But what truly sets it apart is its streamlined design, allowing bus and truck manufacturers to incorporate the system without the need for extensive resources.

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Preparing for the Future with AIS CV Alert

The General Safety Regulation (GSR) requirements for trucks and buses will keep evolving past 2024. As soon as July 2026, the regulation will expand to also encompass Advanced Driver Distraction Warning (ADDW) systems, demanding even more vigilance in monitoring driver behavior. Fortunately, AIS CV Alert is a step ahead. With simple Over The Air (OTA) software updates, the system can be upgraded to detect not only drowsiness but also driver distractions, ensuring manufacturers remain compliant and ahead of the curve without the need for hardware overhauls.

Simplifying GSR Certification with Smart Eye

For many manufacturers, the challenge of the new GSR’s requirements doesn’t just lie in the swift implementation of new technology. Before a new vehicle model can be launched on the European market, it will also need to pass a thorough a certification process by demonstrating that its driver drowsiness detection system adheres to the EU’s strict standards.

This step can feel almost as daunting as the technology integration itself. So, to support customers in the certification process, Smart Eye also provides manufacturers with a comprehensive dossier – a tailored document detailing AIS CV Alert’s capabilities and alignment with GSR requirements. With Smart Eye’s guidance, manufacturers can navigate the certification landscape with greater clarity and confidence.

The Bottom Line

Meeting the evolving demands of vehicle safety regulations requires foresight and action. Non-compliance isn’t just about potential fines; it’s about the reputation and credibility of your brand in an evolving market. With the new GSR standards on the horizon, it’s crucial for bus and truck manufacturers to be both compliant and forward-thinking. Smart Eye’s AIS CV Alert system offers a solution that not only aligns with current mandates but also anticipates future ones.

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Written by Fanny Lyrheden
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