26 October, 2021

Smart Eye and iMotions Join Forces for a Multimodal Future

You may have heard the human mind be compared to an iceberg. There’s a reason why this is a common metaphor. Just like the greater part of an iceberg is hidden underwater, invisible to those above the surface, 95% of human behavior and decision-making occurs below conscious awareness. This makes human behavior an incredibly complicated field to study.  

In the years to come we will see an amazing expansion of human behavioral research. Through technical advancement, we will be able to decipher people’s actions and interactions, giving us a chance to finally grasp the full complexity of human behavior.  

As of today, there will be a single entity poised to lead this industry expansion. Smart Eye, the global leader in Human Insight AI, is now joining forces with leading biosensor software platform iMotions. Together with Smart Eye subsidiary and Emotion AI pioneer Affectiva, the three companies will form a true, integrated powerhouse for delivering groundbreaking insights into human behavior.  


iMotions’ platform integrates data streams from more than 50 biosensors into a single research platform that provides a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of human behaviors.


The future is multi-modal 

For over 20 years, Smart Eye’s vision has been to bridge the gap between humans and machines. To do so, we need to broaden our comprehension of one of the most complex systems in the world: the interplay between the human body and mind.  

It’s the sum of our different physiological signals – a smile, flickering gaze, or subtle increase in heart rate – that reveal how we think, feel, and react. By only studying isolated parts of human behavior, we inevitably limit our understanding of it.  

This is why we believe that the future is multi-modal. To make real progress as we seek to understand human behavior, we need to integrate and synchronize the best sensing technologies, including eye tracking, facial coding, EEG, ECG, EMG, galvanic skin response and heart rate. Only by combining multiple sensing data streams into one analytics software can we power holistic human insight.  


Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz and iMotions CEO Peter Hartzbech have long shared a vision of developing technology to increase our understanding of human behaviour.


Synergies for human behavioral research 

Using eye tracking and multi-modal research to accelerate human behavior insight is a vision that Smart Eye and iMotions have shared for years. iMotions has more than 15 years of experience developing and delivering a solution that in real-time integrates data streams from more than 50 biosensors into a single research platform that provides a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of human behaviors. With iMotions, research teams are able to expand beyond single technology analysis and streamline data from multiple measures such as eye-tracking, facial expression analysis, sweat gland activity, brain activity, heart rate, field surveys, focus groups and more. 

In the behavioral research industry, a multi-sensory approach is becoming customary for doing advanced research. By combining eye tracking technology and facial expression analysis – as provided by Smart Eye, Affectiva, and other technology providers – with iMotions’ biosensor software platform, we will make nonconscious human behavioral research more accessible, scalable, and insightful. Our joint solution will help researchers go beyond the limitations of labs, taking their analysis to real-world environments.  


The ultimate Interior Sensing solution uses a multi-modal approach; synchronizing multiple sensor data to get to holistic insight.


For new insights across verticals  

This synergistic approach is a long time in the making. Smart Eye, Affectiva, and iMotions have a long history of partnering together, making it a natural next step to combine our complementary expertise into a powerful trinity for holistic human insight. Our multi-modal perspective will increase the understanding of human behavior across markets, including automotive.   

Smart Eye is currently the leading developer of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) for the automotive industry, delivering on 89 contracts with 13 of the world’s largest car manufacturers. But as we’re setting out to lead the rapidly emerging Interior Sensing market, extending our technology to the entire cabin and the occupants in it, we need to take a multi-modal approach. The integration of iMotions’ technology into Smart Eye’s Interior Sensing solution will translate data into actionable insights, bolstering the ability to understand what is happening inside a vehicle.  

As Smart Eye and iMotions join forces, we are creating the first hardware/software partnership designed to unlock the full potential of multi-modal behavioral research.  

By forming a global powerhouse in complex human behavioral research and analysis, we will propel human behavioral research into the future, discovering nuances of the human mind that have previously remained unexplored.  


Written by Fanny Lyrheden
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