18 July, 2023

Innovating the Future: Smart Eye Driver Monitoring Technology and Collaborative Research Projects

Smart Eye leads the market through innovation. We are committed to keep developing the leading edge of technology.

The research department has various innovation-focused responsibilities: 

–Develops new technologies that will be made into products in the near term 

– Serves as a trusted technology advisor to regulators and policy makers 

– Collaborates with partners on technology integration, especially for optical sensors and SoCs (System on Chip) 

– Develops our synthetic data sets and supports clients with their synthetic data needs

– Supports the business units at a technical level


Synthetic Data 

Since data is essential for training neural networks, the ability to compile annotated data sets for training quickly and effectively is a competitive advantage. Smart Eye manually collects and annotates data but this is time-consuming and expensive. With its proprietary data synthesis tooling, Smart Eye can automatically generate large amounts of synthetic annotated data to complement real-world data sets. It reduces lead times and cost of development of algorithms and therefore accelerates delivery of our technology to the Tier 1s and OEMs. Automotive OEMs have expressed a keen interest in Smart Eye’s synthetic data capabilities as means to accelerate development of algorithms and time to market. 


Fit2drive – Detecting Intoxicated Drivers 

Smart Eye and Statens Väg- och transportforskningsinstitut (the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute) collaborate on the Fit2Drive project that aims to develop algorithms for detecting driver intoxication. During the year, the project collected data from sensor-equipped vehicles at the Mantorp racing track in Sweden. Drivers drove laps under increasing levels of blood alcohol concentration, from sober up to 1.0 percentile. This is the first data set with visual information about intoxicated drivers. And this is an important first step in assessing if our algorithms can be trained to detect intoxicated driving. The project ended in February 2023. 


RE-ENGAGE Prompting the Driver to Take Back Control 

Smart Eye and Volvo Cars, together with research partner RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) are exploring how to best prompt a disengaged driver in an autonomous vehicle to safely take back control. In the project, Smart Eye combines a driver monitoring camera and a cabin camera to understand the current driver activity and derives a Driver Ready To Take Over signal based on a combination of activities. The project ended in March 2023.


Policy Advisory 

As an active participant in three different industry groups, Smart Eye is advising regulators and legislators to: 

1. ensure that public policy objectives are set with an accurate understanding of the technology, and 

2. that new regulations, legislation and test protocols are drafted and implemented in a way that makes these policy objectives attainable. 

This work establishes Smart Eye as a trusted expert and ensures that the company gets first-hand information on what is happening on the regulatory front. Last year, focus had been on the EU’s ADDW (Advanced Driver Distraction Warning) which will require direct monitoring of the driver. This legislation will apply to all new type registrations from July 2024 and all new vehicle registrations from July 2026. Smart Eye has also advised on the new EuroNCAP test protocols for direct driver monitoring that came in January 2023.


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Written by Smart Eye
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