30 January, 2020

BLOG: “2010-2020: A decade of innovation at Smart Eye”

We can conclude that 2019 has been a significant one for Smart Eye. It’s been a year full of great innovations and success, as well as the incredible 29 design wins Smart Eye has been rewarded over the course of 2019 alone. Now we look forward to the dawn of a brand-new decade with even greater innovations and success.

From crisis to serial contracts

When thinking back on the last time we were entering a new decade, we’re struck by just how much that has happened these last ten years. By the end of 2009, Smart Eye was still dealing with the aftermath of the Lehman crash. The global financial crisis of 2008 hit the car industry hard. Suddenly, car manufacturers’ main priority became surviving until the next quarter, and the incorporation of new, innovative technology had to wait. This forced Smart Eye to take a step back… read the full blog


Written by Jessika Falkenby
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