24 January, 2020

CEO blog: CES2020 is over – Smart Eye’s journey has just begun

By Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye.

DMS going mainstream in 2020.
As the world’s leading Driver Monitoring System (DMS) supplier, Smart Eye entered Las Vegas this year with a heightened sense of curiosity about this year’s big themes on the bustling floors of the annual festival for techies also known as CES. After eight years of attendance via industry partners we now had our own booth and were able to showcase our latest and greatest tech thoroughly. But it was not the only thing that brought attention to DMS. One of the most important takeaways for DMS at CES 2020 was the momentum of the technology. With new EU legislation and safety requirements from Euro-NCAP, both requiring new cars to be equipped with drowsiness and inattention detection, it was easy to generate buzz. Another indication of mass implementation is the sheer number of upcoming cars with DMS on board, 57 of them coming from Smart Eye with six already on the road. Even though we had a private and invitation-only booth, we ended up welcoming hundreds of visitors from the automotive industry to our four-demo tour, including our very own car simulator…


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