31 March, 2022

Introducing Aurora 250 and Expansion Box

With the addition of Aurora to the Smart Eye suite of products came a capability for a more accurate and user friendly research experience. Aurora brought portability, versatility and superior performance, all while collaborating with other sensors and bio-measurement systems. 

We are excited to add even deeper insights to our already small package. Today we introduce the Aurora 250 and its companion expansion box. 

Aurora 250 is an exciting new enhancement to our high-performing Auroras, especially for research studies that involve small eye movements. Customers that already have an Aurora can now upgrade it from 60 or 120 Hz frame rate to 120Hz or 250Hz with a simple software upgrade, meaning no need to replace the hardware. This increased frame rate of 250 Hz allows research groups to study eye movements in more depth, as it more accurately detects the start and end point of fixations and saccades. This is important in many research studies where short saccades are common. The increased frame rate also reduces the latency of the eye tracker output, or the time from when the actual eye movement occurs to when the data is calculated and output generated from the eye tracker. This low latency is a critical component in interactive psychology research such as gaze contingency research where what is being displayed on the screen depends on eye movements of the subject. 

Timing accuracy is vital in the field of neuroscience and psychology research. To perfect that, in addition to the frame rate enhancement of Aurora, we are pleased to introduce the Aurora Expansion Box. This additional hardware allows the Aurora to receive 8-bit markers. These markers are time stamped within the Aurora with an accuracy of 20 µs, with respect to the eye tracker data, and can thus be used to accurately synchronize the eye tracker data output with other sensors such as EEG.


Technical Specs Highlights:

  • 8-bit markers
  • Millisecond accuracy
  • The Expansion Box makes the Aurora Compatible with Chronos response pad of Psychology Software Tools, and StimTracker from Cedrus

View full technical specifications of Aurora Expansion Box.


With the release of Aurora 250hz and its expansion box, Smart Eye is glad to take another step towards meeting the requirements of the researchers within neuroscience and psychology for eye tracking solutions.


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