9 May, 2023

Introducing Smart Eye Pro 10.2: Enhanced Automation and Speaking Detection for Behavioral Research

Smart Eye, a leading provider of eye tracking solutions, announced the release of Smart Eye Pro 10.2, the latest version of its flagship eye tracking system today. The new version boasts significant upgrades and net-new features that make it easier and more efficient for researchers to study behavioral patterns and improve their research processes.

Smart Eye Pro 10.2 introduces several improvements, including enhanced support for reusing gaze calibration profile between multiple eye tracker installations, speaking detection, UI for changing default camera exposure time, and bundled features. 

Among these features, speaking detection stands out as a crucial addition to the Smart Eye Pro software suite. Speaking detection, previously a Smart Eye feature driven by Smart Eye’s Automotive Solutions business area, will now be made available to our behavioral research customers. Speaking detection is particularly useful for researchers studying behavioral interactions between individuals, such as in pilot training or health research. With speaking detection, users can easily identify whether a person is speaking or not, making it easier to study how people interact with each other and improving efficiency of research.

Furthermore, the software supports the use of the Smart Eye Setup Tool with the XO product single screen setup, which simplifies the setup process for users who don’t have access to a laser chessboard.


“We’re excited to introduce this latest version of our flagship Smart Eye Pro product,” said Solmaz Shahmehr, VP of Research Instruments business area of Smart Eye. “These new features and improvements are a direct response to customer requests and feedback, and we’re confident they will enhance the user experience and improve research efficiency.”


The Smart Eye Pro 10.2 software is suitable for a variety of applications, from behavioral research to applied industries like assistive technology and aviation training simulators. The latest release enables more autonomous and flexible control of eye tracking, making it easier to integrate into other systems and improving efficiency in training scenarios. As an example, this feature allows a pilot training facility to extract and reuse the pilot profile independently from the environment they are operating in and eliminates the need to recalibrate gaze for pilots. This makes it easier to use in different simulators.

In addition to the Smart Eye Pro 10.2 release, we also updated and released our powerful SDK, providing developers with more structured tools to create eye-tracking solutions that can be integrated into other applications. Also starting in the 10.2 release, Smart Eye Pro is now compatible with Windows 11. 

Early access partners have already started using Smart Eye Pro 10.2: view technical specifications of Smart Eye Pro 10.2 here.


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