20 December, 2021

Introducing: Smart Eye Pro 9.3

120 Hz with unparalleled flexibility

Size matters; at least when it comes to the instruments you bring into complex research environments. With its small footprint, Smart Eye Pro dx is the perfect eye tracker for situations that require a system that is as adaptable as it is advanced.

Now, this unparalleled flexibility is combined with the accuracy and reduced delay of a higher sampling rate – resulting in Smart Eye Pro 9.3 with 120 Hz.

Thanks to its compact size, Smart Eye Pro 9.3 is the 120 Hz solution that gives you the best of both worlds. Developed for the customers who have requested more data, better saccade detection, and better eyelid detection, but without compromising on the flexibility or high resolution of the dx camera.

Watch our sales engineer Sebastian Johansson demonstrate and explain the new features and improvements of Smart Eye Pro 9.3:  

The new features of Smart Eye Pro 9.3 include:

  • 120 Hz eye tracking with the smaller, non-intrusive Dx camera
  • More robust and accurate gaze tracking
  • Improved video recording performance and robustness
  • Reduced processor load for AI-X and Aurora cameras
  • Added RPC methods for toggling between adult or infant tracking
  • Upgraded to Basler Pylon 6.2.0


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