5 January, 2024

Smart Eye Announces 19 New Driver Monitoring System Design Wins with One of The World’s Largest Vehicle Producers

Smart Eye has been nominated to deliver its world-leading Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software to 19 additional car models. The estimated revenue of the order is SEK 200 million based on estimated product life cycle projections.

Smart Eye, the leading developer of DMS software for the automotive industry, will deliver its technology to 19 new car models by an existing customer, a major automotive manufacturing corporation. The new order comprises several OEM brands, in a European-American automotive alliance, which constitutes one of the largest vehicle producers in the world. One of the OEM brands included in the order is sourcing Smart Eye’s technology for the first time.

The new car models, including Smart Eye’s technology, will go into production at the end of 2026. The estimated revenue for the order is SEK 200 million, based on product life cycle volume projections.

“The turn of the year is typically high season for DMS procurement processes to reach an outcome. This year is proving to be no exception, with great success for Smart Eye,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye. “We are happy to once again expand our collaboration with an existing customer. We have long predicted a surge in the amount and scope of design wins, with the European legislation mandating DMS in new vehicles soon set to come into force. We are now seeing the effect of this upcoming regulation, and it’s clear that Smart Eye’s position as the market leader is only further established.”

Smart Eye has now received a total of up to 315 design wins from 21 OEMs. The combined estimated lifetime value from current design wins is now larger than SEK 6.915 billion. The estimated value over the product lifecycle from possible additional design wins with all 21 car manufacturers is SEK 2.8 billion.

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