25 April, 2018

Smart Eye Interim Report January – March 2018

Continued growth on a fast expanding market

January – March 2018

  • Net sales totalled SEK 9 580 (7 633) thousand which corresponds to a rise of 26 %.
  • Operating profit/loss totalled SEK -13 846 (-9 163) thousand, in line with plan and in accordance with decided investments in personnel in Sweden as well as an increased pace in the geographical expansion.
  • Profit/loss after financial items was SEK -13 974 (-9 282) thousand
  • Profit/loss after tax per share is negative.
  • Cash and cash equivalents totalled SEK 37 794 TSEK at the end of March
  • A Directed issue of SEK 43.6 million was completed in January.
  • Smart Eye released in cooperation with NVIDIA, Smart AI–X, an AI platform for car interior sensing.

For more information, please visit the corp site: www.corp.www.smarteye.se

Written by Marie Åkerfeldt
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