28 November, 2023

Smart Eye Pro 11 Unleashes Versatility

Smart Eye is thrilled to unveil Smart Eye Pro 11, the latest iteration of our pioneering eye tracking system. This release underscores our commitment to enhancing the user experience and making eye tracking more accessible and efficient.

Smart Eye Pro 11 introduces several key features aimed at elevating gaze measurement accuracy and overall user convenience. The enhanced gaze measurement robustness stands out, addressing precision and accuracy challenges in scenarios with varying pupil sizes, such as dark flight simulators and extreme sunlight conditions. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for systems installed in instrumented vehicles or car and flight simulators.

A significant advancement in Smart Eye Pro 11 is the fusion of calibration-free gaze (AI-based) and precise gaze (glint-based or corneal reflection-based) measurements. The software now autonomously selects the appropriate gaze value, eliminating the need for users to make this choice manually. This update simplifies the user experience by offloading the decision-making process, gaze data-merging and filtering from the user – ultimately, streamlining workflows.

smart eye pro 11

In response to customer feedback, Smart Eye Pro 11 includes several bug fixes, ensuring smoother performance. Additionally, the release supports quicker responsiveness of user interface and up to 30% reduction of gaze calibration time, which further expands the system’s versatility.

A standout feature is the introduction of the uncalibrated gaze mode, allowing users to run Smart Eye Pro without gaze calibration. While not as accurate as precise calibrated gaze, this mode is suitable for scenarios where quick transitions between subjects are required. It seamlessly integrates with external analysis tools such as iMotions, providing flexibility in data collection.

​​Another important feature is the introduction of a system health signal in the API. This allows an external system to monitor the status of the Smart Eye Pro system ensuring as much up-time as possible, should some hardware or software fail. This is particularly important when the Smart Eye Pro system is integrated in time-critical applications such as training simulators or operator monitoring.

Powered by our advanced AI algorithm, Smart Eye Pro 11 requires no additional hardware. While calibrated gaze remains the gold standard for absolute accuracy, this software offers speed and convenience when precision is not a critical factor. In addition to Smart Eye Pro 11, we are also introducing an enhanced laser chessboard tool hardware and software, which greatly improves the measurement process and precision when creating a 3D world model.


“Smart Eye Pro 11 is a game-changer for research projects. The fusion of calibration-free and precise gaze measurements simplifies researcher workflow, eliminating the need for manual decisions. The enhanced gaze measurement robustness is a crucial upgrade, especially in challenging scenarios like flight simulators. This release not only improves accuracy but also makes eye tracking more versatile and user-friendly. We are excited to continue to provide solutions that evolve with the needs of our customers.” – Björn Lindahl, VP Product and Innovation at Smart Eye 


In terms of market impact, Smart Eye Pro 11 unlocks new possibilities by expanding eye tracking applicability. It simplifies integration into different systems, enhancing training efficiency. This release is not just about features; it’s about making eye tracking more user-friendly and versatile.

We invite you to explore how Smart Eye Pro 11 can empower your projects, whether you’re in behavioral research, assistive technology, or aviation training simulators. Contact us for a live demonstration and to discuss how Smart Eye Pro 11 can elevate your eye tracking experience.

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