24 May, 2021

Smart Eye Pro 9.2: New generation of AI-powered gaze for next-level precision

With the best combined head box, field of view and gaze accuracy on the market, Smart Eye Pro has become known as the ideal research partner for even the most complex environments and studies.

Now, the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system levels up.

With Smart Eye Pro 9.2, we introduce a system with AI-powered gaze, enabling even better precision and flexibility.

The multi-camera system is scalable from 2 up to 8 cameras, allowing 360-degree head and eye tracking. Free and wide placement of cameras both horizontally and vertically makes it ideal for car and flight simulators, vehicle studies, multi-screen or control room environments, long-range tracking, mobiles, tablets, and single screens around the world.

Watch as our sales engineer Sebastian Johansson demonstrates and explains the new features and improvements of Smart Eye Pro:

The new features of Smart Eye Pro 9.2 include:

– New generation of AI-powered gaze enables greatly improved estimated gaze for extended field of view during extreme angles and head rotation – while keeping the precise gaze within the camera’s field of view.

– No gaze calibration needed for accurate estimated gaze.

– Estimated gaze does not use the corneal reflection from the illuminators. So, for setups with only estimated gaze, even more flexibility in camera and flash placement is enabled.

– All programs and associated examples (except for the Laser Chessboard Tool) are now built for 64 bit architectures instead of 32 bit, for a more modern environment.


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