11 April, 2022

Smart Eye publishes the Annual Report 2021

For Smart Eye, 2021 was a record year on all fronts. When we started 23 years ago, it was as an eye tracking company with a big vision. Since then, we have broadened the scope.

The acquisition of Affectiva in June secured the world’s leading Emotion AI, strengthening our position in Interior Sensing, and adding strong capacity in machine learning and data acquisition and annotation to the company. With the acquisition of iMotions in November, we now have access to a multimodal software platform for combining physiological signals.

We call this Human Insight AI, a whole new category of technology that helps understand, support and predict human behavior in complex environments. From automotive to behavioral research – 2021 made it clear there is a pent-up demand for our technology.

Click here to read the Annual Report 2021.

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