12 November, 2018

Smart Eye receives two more design wins from an existing customer

Smart Eye has been awarded two more design wins from an existing customer. It’s for additional car models on the same platform where seven design wins have already been awarded. The European premium car manufacturer will launch these additional two car models with driver monitoring systems in the period 2019 to 2021.

The order value is estimated to exceed 50 MSEK for the two car models based on product life cycle volume projections. A successful migration of the initial nine cars to subsequent car models for the same platform may lead to a total estimated revenue exceeding 500 MSEK over the product life cycles. This potential scenario is contingent on future design wins with the aforementioned OEM. The combined estimated order value of all 25 car models Smart Eye so far has been awarded design wins for exceeds 725 MSEK over the product life cycles.

“Again it’s confirmed that Smart Eye is positioned as the leading provider of eye-tracking technology for driver monitoring systems in the premium market. Even though these two latest orders were anticipated, this confirms our business model. It clearly shows the potential of gaining more business with the same OEM once we already have design wins for earlier models. Driver monitoring is heading towards becoming standard in the premium market” says Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye AB.

Altogether, Smart Eye has received a total of 25 auto industry design wins with five OEMs. These multiple design wins firmly establish Smart Eye as the industry-leading developer of driver monitoring technology. Further international procurements are currently ongoing, with various global vehicle manufacturers establishing supplier relationships for both the first- and second- generation driver monitoring systems. The total potential value of these exceeds 10 Billion SEK. Smart Eye is well positioned to achieve further successes in these processes.

Written by Jessika Falkenby
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