29 June, 2022

AI Potential, Regulation and More with “AI for Good” Author, Dr. Eric Daimler

Today’s episode features Dr. Eric Daimler, who is an authority in the Artificial Intelligence community with over 20 years of experience in the field. He currently leads MIT’s first-ever spinout from its Math department and has co-founded six technology companies that have pioneered work in fields ranging from software systems to statistical arbitrage. As a Presidential Innovation Fellow during the Obama Administration, Eric helped drive the agenda for U.S. leadership in research, commercialization, and public adoption of AI. Eric is a passionate technologist, and we dove deep into conversations about AI – the potential, algorithm regulation and much more.

It was great speaking with Dr. Daimler on compositionality, his work at Conexus and I loved his points on having “circuit breakers” for AI, and his philosophy around lifesaving AI innovations should be quickly adopted and embraced, while emphasizing that it is important to be bringing more people into the conversation around AI so more people are comfortable with it – particularly with regard to bias and ethics in AI.

Links of interest:

Dr. Eric Daimler

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