15 March, 2021

Beyond Road Safety: How the Automotive Industry can Unlock Occupant Comfort

Today’s episode features Affectiva CSO Andy Zeilman moderating a panel of experts: Dr. Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at MIT, Caroline Chung, Senior Business Development Manager at Veoneer, and Richard Schram, Technical Director at Euro NCAP. This panel explored how AI and computer vision can improve the comfort, health and wellbeing of not only the driver, but also back seat passengers. They also touched on what personalized experiences vehicles will be able to deliver when they are able to sense human emotions, cognitive states and reactions.

Let’s listen in on their interview to learn more on how Euro NCAP, MIT, Affectiva and Veoneer are thinking about the next generation mobility experiences and the AI systems that fuel them.

Watch the full recording here

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