3 May, 2021

Data Synthesis for Better AI: For Today, and in the Future

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Yashar Behzadi, CEO at Synthesis AI.

Affectiva’s AI is built using data-hungry deep learning models. Data synthesis is all about getting more data faster, and synthetic data is artificially created data that we can use to train our models. And because acquiring diverse data at scale for these models is time consuming and expensive, synthetic data can give any AI company a competitive edge.

So, Affectiva has partnered with Synthesis AI, a data generation platform for computer vision. In this livestream discussion, Rana and Yashar discuss the importance of synthetic data, some of its applications today, challenges, and the ethics surrounding its use.

Learn more about Synthesis AI here and check out their latest announcement around funding and product.

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