21 August, 2023

Driven Insights: Navigating Driver Distractions and Safety Innovations with Dr. Bryan Reimer

Today’s episode features Dr. Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and MIT AgeLab, specializing in driver safety and mobility. With extensive experience in driver behavior research and a multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Reimer’s work addresses the challenges of driver attention management, distraction, automation, and advanced driver assistance systems. His research informs technology development, business strategy, and public policy, making him a leading expert in the field.

We talked about the latest advancements in mitigating driver distractions through improved driver support, highlighting the role of vision sensor technology in enabling OEMs to make better decisions in supporting drivers. He emphasized the importance of effectively utilizing the information collected by driver monitoring systems to enhance driver support and provided examples of positive reinforcement techniques that can positively impact driver behavior. Let’s listen in to learn more.


Links of interest:

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