15 March, 2023

Emotion AI and Eye Tracking: Powerful Insights for Digital Mobile Content

Today’s episode features a Q&A discussion between our own Sasha Mukhanova, Business development and Account director, Media analytics at Affectiva (a Smart Eye company) and Stefan Ruff, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Oculid.

Sasha is an experienced brand strategist with a passion for research and consumer insights. Through her work and extensive background as a creative domain lead at Kantar, she is a self-described “advertising nerd,” and expert in utilizing emotion AI to help clients drive deeper consumer insights and create more engaging advertising campaigns for over a decade.

Stefan is a leading expert in the field of eye tracking technology. With extensive experience in the advertising industry, Stefan has a deep understanding of the importance of understanding consumer emotions and behavior. His expertise in this area is born from years of research and hands-on experience, as he has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, helping them to leverage eye tracking  to gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

The two discussed a recent collaboration between Affectiva and Oculid to test a few ads, and covered some practical advice for businesses looking to incorporate technologies such as facial expression analysis, Emotion AI & eye tracking into your advertising strategy. Listen in to learn more.


Links of interest:

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– [Talk] Oculid at IIeX 2023 on 3/28: The Value of Attention Measurement in Video-Based Social Media Platforms

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