16 December, 2021

How Human Insight AI Will Transform Behavioral Research for Automotive and Beyond

The next 10-20 years promise to see amazing expansion of human behavioral research, using sensing technologies, both commercially and academically. Technological advances will make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to understand what’s driving human behavior and decision-making, of which we know more than 95% occurs below conscious awareness.

Smart Eye’s recent acquisition of Emotion AI pioneer Affectiva, and iMotions, the leading biosensor software platform have all joined forces to create a true, integrated powerhouse in delivering unparalleled insights into human behavior.

So today we have a very special episode featuring Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, former Co-Founder and CEO of Affectiva, currently Deputy CEO of Smart Eye, moderating a discussion with Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz and iMotions CEO Peter Hartzbech. The three discussed how this new global organization will deliver unparalleled technology and a comprehensive analysis platform for research to be conducted faster, cheaper, easier, and in more challenging environments, and the opportunities for human behavioral research in automotive, academia and more.

Links of interest:

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– Press Release: Smart Eye Acquires Affectiva to Solidify Stronghold on Interior Sensing Market

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