19 April, 2021

How In-Cabin Sensing Works to Reduce Stress: a Conversation with a Hyundai Engineer

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Dr. Jinmo Lee, Senior Research Engineer at Hyundai.

Dr. Lee was always interested in working in industry to see how his research outcomes turn into products that change customers’ lives. Hyundai offered him a job as a senior research engineer for the vehicle aeroacoustics, and today he is in charge of future mobility UX concept design and engineering at Hyundai.

Then in 2018, MIT Media Lab and Hyundai launched the Special Interest Group for Emotion Navigation. Together with Hyundai and the Media Lab, Dr. Lee derived automotive AI concepts for sensing occupant emotion to help achieve their desired emotional state by providing an optimized in-cabin environment.

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