15 June, 2022

How to Improve Flight Safety with Eye Tracking: Pilot Training and Simulation

The role of a pilot today is different compared to 50 years back. These days, most commercial aviation is largely automated – an innovation that has decreased the number of accidents drastically and made aviation one of the safest ways to travel. In one million take-offs, the average number of accidents is less than one. In the last few years, eye tracking technology has made its impact on the automotive industry. Gaze scanning has gone from being an exciting area of research, to being installed in new car models all over the world and taking its place as one of the most important technologies for road safety.

Right now, a lot is pointing to a similar development in the aviation industry. Is eye tracking technology about to grow wings and move on to saving lives up in the air?

This episode features Ulf Lofberg and Bjorn Lindahl of Smart Eye. Björn’s educational background is electrical engineering, and he also has a Master’s in advanced IT. Today, Björn is product manager for the Research Instruments business area at Smart Eye, which largely involves identifying and developing business opportunities with new applications for Smart Eye’s products. On the sales side, Ulf has a degree in electrical engineering and masters in telecommunications. After spending 20 years building mobile networks, 6 years ago he joined Smart Eye in a dramatic change of career path to work with the interesting technology we are building today.

Speaking with Ulf and Bjorn was a great opportunity to not only get a deeper technical understanding of how the Smart Eye products work for aviation, but also the practical applications of our technology and our vision for improving flight safety in the future of the aviation industry. Let’s listen in to learn more.

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