6 April, 2022

Kantar: Diverse Reactions to Inclusive Advertising

Today’s episode features Deepak Varna, Head of Neuroscience Insights at Kantar–North America. Deepak has been working with Kantar for over 5 years to improve insight delivery from neuroscience tools, including client-specific training programs, especially focusing on facial coding. He has over 13 years of global experience in neuroscience in the areas of advertising, brand equity, and shopper solutions. He also has close to 20 years of experience in traditional qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques. Deepak was an Executive Vice President – Client Services at Nielsen NeuroFocus where he managed the International business & managed relationships with several global clients making neuroscience a protocol in the areas of copy testing, packaging, product testing and POS testing.

In our conversation, we dove deeper into a recent webinar Kantar held on Diverse Reactions to inclusive advertisingsome insights from which were uncovered using Affectiva’s Emotion AI methodology. Let’s listen in to learn more.

Links of interest:

Diverse Reactions to inclusive advertising

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