24 October, 2023

Navigating Aviation with Precision: Unlocking Insights through Eye Tracking Technology

How can eye-tracking technology help improve flight safety? 

In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of eye tracking and its profound impact on the aviation industry. We dove into the fundamentals of eye tracking, and its crucial relevance in aviation, and present real-world case studies and testimonials showcasing its effectiveness.


Virtual Attendees Learned:  

  • Eye Tracking 101: Understand the fundamentals of eye tracking and why it matters in aviation.
  • Applications in Aviation: Discover the wide-ranging applications of eye-tracking technology in aviation, from air traffic control to pilot monitoring and training, including integration into flight simulators.
  • Enhancing Safety: Learn how eye trackers can detect issues such as drowsiness and fatigue in pilot monitoring, similar to driver monitoring in vehicles, to enhance safety.
  • Human-Machine Interaction: Explore how eye-tracking technology plays a vital role in improving the interaction between pilots and aircraft controls, impacting both training and future aircraft design.
  • Air Traffic Control: See how eye-trackers are critical components for training in air traffic control rooms, contributing to safety and staff training.


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