1 April, 2024

Synthetic Anchors and Human Emotions: Navigating the Landscape of AI News Presenters

Today, we are joined by a guest whose journey traverses the dynamic realms of traditional media and cutting-edge Emotion AI technology. Dr. Leon Hawthorne is not only a former news anchor for CNN International and CNBC Europe but also a Founder CEO of two satellite television channels. His extensive experience in the media landscape has been complemented by his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to explore the forefront of Artificial Intelligence in digital communication.

Dr. Hawthorne recently earned his Ph.D. in 2024, delving into the captivating world of Generative AI and its impact on our digital lives. Long before the current surge in AI adoption, Leon embarked on a research project titled ‘Talking Heads.’ This initiative aimed to evaluate the integration of AI-generated virtual humans as on-screen news presenters, a concept that has gained unprecedented relevance in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

His findings, which we will be exploring in detail, shed light on audience perceptions, preferences, and the challenges that arise when blending human authenticity with the prowess of Generative AI. Let’s listen in to learn more.


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