5 May, 2023

The Emotional Side of Finance: Using Emotion AI to Understand Consumer Behavior

Today’s episode features Dr. Michael Seiler, an expert in marketing and consumer behavior at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary.

Dr. Seiler is an internationally recognized behavioral real estate researcher whose studies have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post. He has published over 185 research studies, has written several books, and is currently the #1 ranked real estate researcher, consulting in the areas of behavioral and experimental real estate and finance.

Dr. Seiler’s research focuses on the intersection of technology, marketing, and consumer behavior, and he has a particular interest in how affective computing can be used to understand people’s responses to financial products. In this episode, Mike shared his insights into how he used Affectiva’s Emotion AI technology to assess people’s attitudes towards financial products by showing them content and measuring their emotional responses to it. Let’s listen in to learn more.


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