29 April, 2024

The Future of Advertising: Generative AI meets Emotion AI

Generative AI has changed the world of advertising. Large Language Models create draft copy instantly. Image generators produce visuals in minutes. Text-to-video tools will make creative development even more streamlined. But what about the risks from all this AI-led efficiency? Can Generative AI really design compelling ads?

Emotional engagement is critical for advertising success. Will the rush to automate the creative process strip advertising of its emotional power?

Today, we are featuring our own Sasha Mukhanova, Account and Business Development Director at Affectiva. With 15 years experience in advertising effectiveness research, Sasha is an advertising nerd and neuroscience enthusiast. Her mission is to humanize technology with ad testing AI. She is joined by Graham Page, Affectiva’s Global Managing Director of Media Analytics for a moderated discussion with Mike Stevens, the Founder of Insight Platforms.

This episode shares how Emotion AI can work with Generative AI to ensure that ads drive long-term brand equity, audience engagement and even virality. Listen in to learn more.


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