19 September, 2021

The Future of Qualitative Research & the Role of Emotion AI

Today’s episode features our Media Analytics leaders Graham Page and Alex Duckett joined by Two Ears One Mouth Director, Sarah Gorman. For over 10 years, Two Ears One Mouth has been using statistical evaluation and emotionally intelligent observation to drive more informed decision making, and guide some of the worlds brightest brands to an even stronger future. Sarah is an experienced researcher who has consistently delivered strategic insight in the areas of brand and communications.

Even as the world continues to reopen post-lockdown, it is safe to say that COVID has forever changed the research landscape. Entire methodologies shut down almost overnight, and for qualitative researchers that typically collect data through in person sessions, there was an accelerated need for virtual alternatives.

With the adoption of new technology in a space that has typically remained true to traditional face to face interactions, there is of course some reluctance to change and fear of technology replacing the need for qualitative researchers entirely. Listen to the conversation to learn more.

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