12 September, 2023

The New Affectiva Attention Metric: A Deep Dive into AI and Human Behavior

Today’s episode features Matt Strafuss, Director of Product and Customer Solutions at Affectiva (now a Smart Eye company). Matt has been with Affectiva for almost 10 years in various roles. Affectiva, pioneer of Emotion AI, was acquired by Smart Eye in 2021 and has since continued its strong brand presence in the media analytics space. With a degree in Physics and Computer Science, Matt has worked on everything from software development, project management, customer success, and everything in between.

His deep expertise in the space made him a natural candidate to interview about the new Affectiva attention metric, which represents a culmination of the Smart Eye eye tracking tech and Affectiva Emotion AI just announced. Matt and I talked about the development of this metric, how its differentiated from other “Attention” measurement solutions on the market, some high-level mechanics on how it works and where we may be going in the future. Listen in to learn more.


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