9 January, 2024

Transforming Mobility with Emotion AI in Automotive Innovation: Forvia’s Vision

Today’s episode features Dr. Tara Akhavan, Global Innovation and Ecosystems Director at Forvia. Dr. Akhavan is an award-winning technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in leadership and product strategy. She is the Founder, President & CEO of Faurecia, a groundbreaking company in the field of Perceptual Display/Image Processing for both consumer and automotive markets. Faurecia Irystec was acquired by Faurecia (Forvia) in 2020, where Tara now serves as the Global Innovation & Ecosystems Director, overseeing startups internally and externally, as well as leading the central Innovation team. She holds a Ph.D. in Image Processing and Computer Vision and actively contributes to industry committees such as CIE and SID.

In our conversation, Dr. Akhavan unveils the fascinating journey from her Vienna PhD to pioneering human-centric mobility, teasing exclusive details about Forvia’s CES 2024 presence and sharing insights on the impactful intersection of Emotion AI and innovative automotive technologies.


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