27 October, 2021

VI-grade: How Vehicle Simulation Accelerates Product Development

Today’s episode features two industry experts from a company called VI-grade.

Guido Bairati: As Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Guido helps VI-grade customers streamline their design process and bridge the gap between physical testing and simulation by implementing tools that allow CAE Engineers and Test Drivers to work together earlier in the automotive development phase.

Antonio (Tony) Spagnuolo: VP, Business Development at VI-grade. Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the international simulation industry. Prior to VI-grade, Tony lead the worldwide sales team for HPC cloud computing start-up, Rescale. He also lead the aerospace sales team and MSC Software and managed operations at Nevada Automotive Test Center, an innovator in highly mobile ground vehicle technology for commercial and defense applications.

In our conversation, we talked a lot about how driving simulators can help accelerate product development, the complex “human” dynamics involved in vehicle simulation, and the role eye tracking and interior sensing plays in that.  Listen to learn more.

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