22 February, 2023

What can we learn about the importance of emotion in digital advertising?

Today’s episode features Jane Ostler, EVP Global Thought Leadership at Kantar with Ecem Erdem, Global Manager – Creative at Kantar together speaking with Graham Page, our Global Managing Director of Media Analytics at Affectiva, a Smart Eye company.

As the connected world continues to grow, so do the opportunities for brands to engage with their audiences. Investment in digital media channels continues to increase, from online video to social media feeds, influencer content to online games, and Kantar’s Media Reactions study shows that people now feel more positive towards digital channels.

With the increasing reach and impact of digital channels, it is imperative for brands to get digital advertising right. Kantar’s Link ad testing database shows that digital ads that evoke strong emotions are 4 times more likely to generate impact than those with weaker emotional connections.

So how can you make the right emotional connections with your digital ads?

Listen to find out what makes digital campaigns resonate and help build brand equity. Experts from Kantar and Affectiva explore findings from their databases, Emotion AI analysis and share case studies to illustrate best practice. Listen in to learn more.


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