1 December, 2020

Why Creativity and Emotions in Advertising Matter More than Ever

Today’s episode features Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby interviewing Daren Poole, Global Head of Creative, Insights Division at Kantar.

With ever-changing government responses to the global pandemic, people’s attitudes towards COVID-19 are in flux. It’s difficult for brands to determine the right messages and creatives that are authentic, empathetic and thoughtful. On top of that, budgets have been slashed. Brands are being forced to reflect and evolve: going dark is not an option, but how can they spend smarter and make advertising work longer? More than ever before, it is important to stay close to the consumer and frequently test the impact of brand content.

In this special Affectiva Asks podcast episode, Rana and Daren talk about advertising trends brought on by the pandemic, creating ads with purpose and even humor during COVID-19, and how Emotion AI can help brands strike the right balance between creativity and emotional meaning.

Watch the full Q+A here: https://go.affectiva.com/en/affectiva-kantar-webinar-emotions-in-advertising-access

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